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Micromachine Summit - Pre-Conference Tour >>
State of the Art in the US: Robotics and Micromanufacturing
Sunday, 1 May 2005
A pre-conference tour was sponsored by UTA’s Automation Robotics & Research Institute (ARRI) under the new direction of Dr. Harry E. Stephanou.

Combining unprecedented knowledge in smart machines with the ability to scale from macro to micro, the labs at UTA-ARRI are brimming with activity. New methods and tools are being developed to exponentially decrease the high cost of packaging and assembly, while meeting time to market requirements.

Research at UTA-ARRI includes new defense, aerospace, transportation, medical, and industrial solutions, that will bring micromanufacturing to the forefront in the US.

BMC Promotes Science Education in Schools >>
High Tech Forum Aims to Promote Math and Science Education
by ANDREW McKEEVE, Arts Editor
Saturday, April 02, 2005
As an effort to promote science education among educators, BMC held a conference at the Equinox Resort in Manchester on April 4th, 2005. Among several speakers at the conference, Harry Stephanou, the chairman and founder of the Bennington Microtechnology Center, addressed how the education system and advanced microtechnology industry can collaborate to strengthen math and science education in schools.

With micropackaging costs comprising up to 80% of production, a significant amount of time is spent on developing packaging. While BMC is capitalizing on the need to tackle micropackaging expenses, the long-term success of developing low-cost packaging approaches will depend on the availability of more science-literate graduates.

"If you strengthen math and science programs at area high schools - that has an immediate impact on us. It creates a few more graduates who might be interested in what we're doing and the skills to move into these jobs. This is not just pie-in-the-sky - this is very real." – Lance Matteson, President, BMC
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Bennington, Vermont - An Emerging Tech Corridor >>
The Green Mountains of the Capital Region
Bennington Looks West
by Mike Hendricks
The Business Review, March 25, 2005
"An awesome tech corridor" is quickly forming in southwestern Vermont.
- Beth Wales, Executive Vice President and a founder of BMC

More than a thousand New Yorkers drive east every day to work in southwestern Vermont. Economic developers in southwestern Vermont see the Capital Region as fertile ground for the new business and workers needed to keep its economy growing. And like Albany, much of Bennington's focus is on the lucrative high-tech sector.

The jobs the Bennington companies are looking to fill are well-paying engineering, technical and financial service jobs. BMC, a non profit center, is expected to spin off companies that will create even more jobs.
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Microtech Center Lands Contract Worth Millions >>
By Peter Crabtree
Herald Staff
October 15, 2004
NORTH BENNINGTON — The Bennington Microtechnology Center has landed another military contract, adding to the momentum it has achieved since its academic partners moved to the University of Texas, according to officials.
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Open House at UTA >>

UTA’s labs feature new methods and tools to decrease the high cost of packaging and assembly.