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State of the Art Facilities >>
BMC houses a state-of-the art, 3,000 square-foot clean room, equipped with back-end microassembly and packaging tools.

Micropackaging Expertise >>

Robotic Assembly & Manipulation

- Reconfigurable course and fine assembly.
- Motorized cameras.
- Advanced micropositioning systems.
Testing & Metrology
- Optical leak testing.
- Gross leak testing.
- 3D MEMS profiler and motion analyzer.
- Advanced image analysis systems.
- Pull testing.
- Wafer probing.
Bonding: Welding & Soldering
- Laser soldering.
- Hermetic sealing with seam sealing and projection welding.
- Wire bonding

BMC's Facilities Include >>

Microassembly System Robotworld system from Motoman, model RW-161, using three end effectors and additional hardware, with a total of 15 motorized degrees of freedom.
Optical Leak Tester High resolution optical leak detection system from Norcom, Model 2020
High Precision MEMS Metrology High resolution surface profilometer with dynamic motion measurement capabilities from Veeco, model Wyko NT 1100
Optical Microscopes Large working distance microscope from Olympus, model BH2
Bond Test System,Wire & Die Shear Mechanical reliability testing from Mini-Instron ™ 5848
Probe Station Probe station from Suss Microtech, Model PSM -6 with four probes.
Laser Soldering High power (60 W) laser, from Coherent, Model Quattro-FAP
Parallel Seam Welder Unitek - Benchmark Parallel seam welder with Generation 2 enclosure.

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Clean Room Facilities>>

BMC's 3,000 square-foot clean room, is equipped for automated MEMS packaging.